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Third Party Administration Account Reivable Management.

    CFS Accounts Receivable Management has been in business since 1982. We have 35 years' experience billing and collecting for a wide range businesses, having collected millions of dollars since 1982 with total confidence and absolute accountablity.

    We provide customer billing and collection as required: i.e. weekly, mothly, quarterly, etc. Administration of related dutie being required to flow with the receivables process including but not limited to, bank deposits, reporting, balancing, reconciling, etc. We work solely at your direction.

    We exercise total flexability with a seamless transition, while lowering your overhead, opening up possible avenues of better collection rates and maximizing opportunities, ensuring your finacial success.

    Outsourcing accounts receivable processes to profesionals with 35 years' experience will give you the freedom to focus on core activities and growth of your business delivering greater value to the oranization.


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